Welcome to MBBS IN INDIA

In an era of increasing Medical Colleges, increasing Medical Seats, the diluted Medical Council, aspiring Parents, Semi reluctant students, the craze for purchasing a Medical Seat is no way decreased in the past three decades.

There are many ways to get admission in Medical college depending on what the student has secured or what the parent have acquired. The most luckiest way is to get minimum of 98 – 99 % in their qualifying examination of their respective states.

The most amazing / stunning is to get through All India Pre Medical – Dental Examination conducted by All India Institute of Medical Science, irrespective of the marks obtained in their qualifying exam. (But the eligible percentage is mandatory.)

The third which is the most convenient one but the most uncomfortable one is to go for purchase. It leads / results in a whooping cost of 25 – 50 Lakhs which has to be shelled out from their unaccounted earning. Apart from that an early 5 – 7 Lakhs will be squeezed out through your accounted earnings.The last and the dignified way is to purchase the seat, if the candidate is an NRI or if papers are made so. The cost including the 5yrs Academic fees is not less than $125000USD and not more than $150000 USD depending on the college.

The word dignified is necessarily used to make one understand that neither an unaccounted money nor third party brokerage is involved.

What does the service we can offer and to whom we can offer that?

We are a Bunch of Doctors who has experienced pleasantry and unpleasantry in purchasing the seat at various eras.

A dubious experience is ubiquitous in most of the so called Self Financing Colleges. But in all the colleges NRI Admission is very straight forward and dignified. Though it costs the same the pathways are different. “Though we are capable of purchasing the seats in the last said two ways, we prefer purchasing the seats for NRI, because there is no space for interpretation, misleadings, adventure, cynicism or failure.”

We do expect service charges for our council and guidance. And we will facilitate the existing legal pathway to transact your money in $- USD from any other country (preferably wherever you live) to the official bank account of the Medical Colleges.

We expect your calls and queries from 8AM to 10 PM IST. And if you find us as an opportunity to your seeking we can open the conversation and close the deal.